European Solidarity Corps (ESC)


P60 holds a valid accreditation as both host and sending organisation for the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), a project authorised by the European Commission and part of the EU Erasmus+ program. Click here for more information about the Erasmus+ program.
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ESC allows young people, aged 17-30,  from all over the world to become a volunteer abroad. The young volunteers are given the opportunity to contribute to the daily work of organisations and discover new skills and highlighting under-utilised ones. There are multiple fields of work the engaged youth can choose from and they range from arts and culture to leisure. The participation in an ESC program is free of charge.  

Dutch youngsters that would like to go abroad can contact


You want to participate in the ESC program in P60?

Would you like to join the P60 ESC program? That's great, we're looking forward to meeting you. But, first things first. Please read the following information carefully.

Each year we have room for two volunteers. We only select volunteers who are available for a full year. Naturally you'd need to have a sincere interest in working in art/culture and/or media/communication. The next ESC programs will kick off in May 2019 (2 ESC places starting 01-05-2019) and September 2019 (2 ESC places starting 01-09-2019).  

If you are admitted to the program, you will live in the ESC house, which is near P60. You will have your own private bedroom and share common facilities (living room/kitchen/shower/toilet/garden) with other ESC volunteers.  In the first three months of the program you will work together with our local volunteers, in different departments.  Also you will participate in a Dutch language course. After the first months' of training, you'll be working a specific task to your liking (sound, light, graphic design, media, projects.) When the year is over and it's time to go home, you'll be awarded a Youthpass.

Although ESC programs are unpaid, our program is not without benefits entirely. Apart from the great experience, P60 will pay you a monthly allowance of 295 euro. (You can use 110,- as pocket money, the rest is strictly for food and beverages). You'll also get a free local travel pass and a bicycle. On top of that, the costs of travel to and from Holland are compensated by P60. If you are interested in joining our ESC program in May 2019 (2 ESC places starting 01-05-2019) or September 2019 (2 ESC places starting 01-09-2019):

- Join the corps here, you need that registration number.
- Please send a motivational letter (and for which vacancy you want to apply) and your Europass to between December 1st 2018 and  December 31st 2018.

Applications sent before or after these dates will not be taken in consideration.

Make sure you are registered at a sending organisation! If you haven't found one yet, click here for an overview of organisations.


Telefoon: +31 20 3453445
Fax: +31 20 3453446

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